Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Queen's Baton Relay

On the 18th of May,2010, the baton(real one), visited Botany Downs Primary, one of the three schools to possess the baton.

That was the last day the baton was in New Zealand, but it was . . . AWESOME!!! Along with the baton was double Olympic gold medalist, Danyon Loader.He's quite a tall guy!

The baton this year was made in India, with all of the different types of sand in India.


  1. wow do have the real queen's baton at your school is a great cool. I can't believe it is made out of sand. It is a great story to tall friends and family.

  2. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its amazing how you got the baton.
    my school didnt get the baton.
    you guys are soooo lucky.