Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Queen's Baton Relay

On the 18th of May,2010, the baton(real one), visited Botany Downs Primary, one of the three schools to possess the baton.

That was the last day the baton was in New Zealand, but it was . . . AWESOME!!! Along with the baton was double Olympic gold medalist, Danyon Loader.He's quite a tall guy!

The baton this year was made in India, with all of the different types of sand in India.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Big Adventure NOT! Animation

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Little Red Riding Hood little red riding hood by room21bds

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On Tuesday the 18 of May our school was very lucky the Queens Baton came to our school.Some of the people from our school got to run with the Baton and I was one of them.I had to run from the golf club on Botany road to were the other two were standing.Right behind me a cop was running be hind me and on the road beside me on the road a cop in the car.It did'nt take that long to run to the other people.

The Baton Relay!!!!

On Tuesday the 18Th of May The Queen's Baton came to our school and some of the people from our school got to run with it and two girls in our class were very lucky to be two of those people.The Baton is made up of different sands from different parts of India there are different Batons around the world they are made for all the different Commonwealth Games. This one has a GPS system and led lighting in it and it lights up with three colours of the flag for the country its in.

Commonwealth games baton relay

On may 18 the Commonwealth games where in Auckland.3 schools in Auckland got chosen...
... My school was one!!!
Inside the baton is a G.P.S. that's what satellites track down. 3 colours of the country flag it's in will be showen.
In it is a leaf with tiny writing the Queen wrote.
Last week the Baton came to our school.The Baton lit up with lights.14 people from our school ran to Lady Star of the sea.

The Great Baton relay

The Commonwealth Games comes only once 4 years to celebrate games and sports , like swimming , biking , running and rugby.There's even the Baton and inside the Baton is a special message from the Queen of England and a cool G.P.S system .The Commonwealth Games are held in Delhi this year.

Baton Relay

Today we were all excited because the Queens baton was coming to our school so a mix of fourteen year a five and six children were chosen to run with the baton to Our Lady Star Of The Sea school. The baton made with different types of sands from India and a SPECIAL message from the Queen that will be read out at the Commonwealth games. A special visitor came to talk to us before the relay runners ran with the baton. Danyon Loader was the special guest an Olympic GOLD medalist for swimming and we got a photo with Danyon Loader is that cool or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS:the Commonwealth games are being held in Delhi India.

The Baton Relay

About a week ago,Botany Downs Primary School took part in the baton relay. We were one of the three schools to take part in the baton relay.

Once Mr.T [our principal] told us that we were going to take part in the baton relay, we were extremely excited.

Finally the day came. Everyone was screaming like CRAZY. It was so loud I had an Earache for like 20 minutes!

A person from Howick Primary carried the baton to our school. Then we went in our hall. We sang some songs too.

By the way, if you want to know what baton is, it is a stick that carries letter from the queen of England. The baton was very interesting because it had lights that showed you which country you are in.


In our game against Whakaranga we lost 55 nil to them. We played ok but we could play better. Hopefully we will do better next time. Rugby's cool but its a lot harder than soccer. I like being in the first 15 the school team.